Disability Benefits

The Long-Term Disability (LTD) Benefit Program provides partial income replacement and continuation of certain University benefits in the event that an eligible faculty member becomes disabled.  At no cost to the employee, coverage becomes effective the first of the month following a waiting period of eligible employment.  An earlier effective date may be established if a faculty member was covered by a comparable plan through a preceding employer that meets the requirements of the Certificate of Previous Coverage.  Long-term disability may not necessarily mean a total and permanent disability.  During the period of disability, the insured must be under the regular care of a legally qualified physician.

In general, faculty members receive full salary during the official LTD “elimination period,” and insurance and retirement benefits through the University continue without alteration.

If a claim is approved, long-term disability benefits begin after six months of total disability. Long-term disability benefits will be reduced by disability benefits received from Social Security, Workers' Compensation, and any other disability benefits payable under any plan for which contributions or payroll deductions are made by the University.  Benefits continue to be paid consistent with a benefits duration schedule, which is monitored on an ongoing basis.  If a faculty member exhausts his/her available disability benefits and meets the age and service criteria for official University of Pittsburgh retirement status, he or she is entitled to the same benefits, programs, and services as are ordinarily provided when official retirement status is granted.