Business Travel Accident Insurance

The University provides Business Travel Accident Insurance coverage for all full-time employees. The amount of Accidental Death and Dismemberment protection under this policy is payable up to $100,000 per employee, with an aggregate of $4,000,000 per single accident involving more than one employee.

This coverage is in force when your required duties necessitate traveling or working on University business away from the University's premises in your city of permanent assignment. This coverage does not include commuting between your home and the University or personal activities during business trips.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment protection is provided 24 hours a day while traveling on University business as described above, and includes accidents involving a commercial aircraft, bus, taxi, or a fall. This explanation is provided to give you a general overview of coverage; the Business Travel Accident Insurance is subject to all provisions of the insurance contract between the underwriting insurance company and the University of Pittsburgh.

Questions concerning this coverage may be directed to the Risk Management Office, telephone 412-624-0621.