Research and Other Sponsored Projects Proposals

Proposals requesting support from outside agencies for research and other sponsored projects must be reviewed by various University offices. No proposal may be submitted without University review and signature of the department chair, the dean or campus president, and the Office of Research. In addition, no proposal will be authorized by the University unless a current, signed copy of Part I of the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form, (Form 0191), is on file with the Office of Research. See the section on Conflicts of Interest in this section.

The Grants and Contract staff of the Office of Research can provide the information required to develop proposal budgets that conform to requirements set by the University and by various sponsoring agencies. Budgets and supporting details within each proposal must be reviewed and the required Sponsored Project Proposal Submission (Form 0136) completed and approved by this office prior to obtaining the signature of the authorized official. Administrative matters regarding sponsored projects, fiscal negotiations, related correspondence, and awards are to be directed to the appropriate Grants and Contract Officers who are each assigned a specific University constituency. A constituency list may be obtained by contacting the Office of Research, telephone 412-624-7400. Questions relating to the expenditure of grant and contract funds, accounting procedures, or University fiscal regulations should be referred to Research/Cost Accounting, telephone 412-624-6040.