Office of Research

The Office of Research, a central staff office located at 350 Thackeray Hall and reporting to the Vice Provost for Research, is charged with administrative responsibility for all University research and related activities involving extramural sponsorship. In fulfilling its duties, the Office of Research serves as an advocate for research and sponsored programs and as a facilitator in the research environment. The functional areas supported by Office of Research staff include information services, project and proposal development assistance, and grants and contracts administration for pre-award and selected post-award tasks. All proposals submitted by University personnel must be transmitted to and reviewed by the Office of Research to assure adherence to internal and external policies and procedures. The Director of the Office of Research serves as the designated administrator for research grants and contracts.

For additional information on funding information services, project and proposal support, and grants and contracts services, visit the Office of Research Website; to contact the grants and contracts staff member assigned to your constituency, telephone 412-624-7400.