University-wide Closure and Class Cancellation (Interim Policy)

Replaces former policy 07-04-02 Extreme Weather Conditions Policy


This Policy provides the standard for both University-wide class cancellation and closure of the University and establishes the roles and responsibilities in the rare instance in which the entire University is closed.  The objective is to establish standard operating procedures that are clear in direction during the cancellation of all classes and/or events or activities at the University. By adopting this Policy, the University seeks to ensure the safety and well-being of University Members, to enhance the timely communication of class cancellations and University closure, and to standardize the efficiency and effectiveness of cancellation and closing procedures.

For purposes of this Policy, the use of “University” refers only to the Pittsburgh Campus. The presidents of regional campuses are authorized to make decisions on closure and class cancellations for their respective campuses.


This Policy applies to the cancellation of all classes and/or the closure of the entire University for part of a day or for a full-day.  All University Members (as defined below) are governed by this Policy. This Policy replaces University Policy 07-04-02, Extreme Weather Conditions.

This Policy should be read in conjunction with other related University protocols, procedures, and guidelines. Specifically, for emergency evacuation procedures and closures isolated to specific buildings, grounds, etc., please refer to Appendix D and Appendix G of the Department of Public Safety and the Emergency Management Guidelines.


The interim policy can be found at: