Doris Rubio

  • Associate Vice Provost for Faculty

Doris Rubio, PhD, is the Associate Vice Provost for Faculty and a Professor of Medicine, Biostatistics, Nursing, and Clinical and Translational Science. She has over 20 years of experience as a researcher, educator, mentor, and administrator. She directs the Center for Research on Health Care (CRHC) Data Center, which provides data management, statistical expertise, and qualitative expertise to health services research investigators across the schools of the health sciences. Additionally, she is the Co-Director of the Institute for Clinical Research Education (ICRE), which provides training in clinical and translational research and offers multiple programs for career development. Nationally, Dr. Rubio serves multiple leadership roles. She is the Past President for the Association for Clinical Research Training (ACRT) and is the past chair for the Evaluation Key Function Committee for the Clinical and Translational Science Awards. Notably, Dr. Rubio was recently awarded the Educator of the Year Award by the Association for Clinical and Translational Science. This competitive national award recognizes a leader in the field of clinical research education and mentoring. Her recent grant funding is focused on diversifying the workforce.