Attending Class in Person: If, How, Why

David Sanchez class, Susan Fullerton class, and student at desk in class

How do I know if I can attend class in person?

In the Elevated Risk and Guarded Risk operational postures, many classes allow for in-person experiences. Even when the instructor has elected to be remote, students may choose to engage in person within their assigned classroom if their course type (lecture, seminar or recitation) allows for it. 

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How do I attend class in person?

Some instructors are electing to teach class in person on campus . But, even if your instructor is not teaching in person, classes that have a classroom assigned are open and available for students to engage within the assigned classroom during class time. Students can mask up, bring their laptop or device into the classroom, and practice social distancing while learning in a dedicated space assigned to their class. If you are in a “rotated cohort” section, be sure to coordinate with your instructor to ensure you attend on the correct meeting day(s).  

Why should I attend class in person?

Every student has different needs and it is up to you to decide what is the best possible learning experience for you. Below are the top five reasons we recommend you consider attending class in person. You can:

  1. Give yourself a focused space––outside of your regular living space––where you can participate in class without disturbing, or being disturbed by, roommates, family or others. This enables you to participate freely in discussions, ask questions, etc., in the same way that you would during a traditional class.
  2. Use the strong, high-quality WiFi connections in classrooms. Take advantage of it!
  3. Interact and socialize in person––safely and at a distance––with others in your class. Learning is best as a social activity, the perspectives and insight that you can gain from discussion—even at a distance—will enhance your performance in almost any subject.
  4. Find new friends and study buddies to help you succeed in your classes and at Pitt. A quick meet-up, before or after class, is a pleasant alternative to yet another video conference.
  5. Establish and maintain a healthy routine that successfully balances school and life so that you can have the best semester possible.