Inaugural Lectures AY 2017-2018

Inaugural Lecture recipients Kazanovich and wife, Morrell, Tzounopoulos and family

Provost's Inaugural Lecture Series, Fall 2017–Spring 2018

Dr. Bruce Rollman
UPMC Endowed Chair in General Internal Medicine (Medicine)
September 7

Dr. Steven Reis
Distinguished Service  Professor of Medicine (Medicine)
October 5

Dr. Edouard Machery
Distinguished  Professor of History and Philosophy of Science (Arts & Sciences)
November 2

Dr. John Jakicic
Distinguished Professor of Health and Physical Activity (Education)
November 9

Dr. Oscar Lopez
Levidow-Pittsburgh Foundation Chair in Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Disorders (Medicine)
February 13

Dr. Mary Phillips
Pittsburgh Foundation-Emmerling Endowed Chair in Psychotic Disorders (Medicine)
February 22

Dr. Anuradha Ray
Chair in Lung Immunology (Medicine) 
March 1

Dr. Kirk Savage
William S. Dietrich II Chair (Arts & Sciences)
March 15

Dr. Sharon Alvarez
Thomas W. Olofson Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies (Business)
April 3

Dr. Robert Clark
CHP-Endowed Chair in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (Medicine)
April 3

Dr. Alan George
Ruth E. and Howard T. Mickle Chair in Electrical Engineering (Engineering)
April 5

Dr. Vanitha Swaminathan
Thomas Marshall Chair in Marketing (Business)
April 17

Dr. Jane Cauley
Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology (Public Health)
April 19

Dr. Edward Burton
UPMC Endowed Chair in Movement Disorders (Medicine)
May 15

Dr. Lev Khazanovich
Anthony E. Gill Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Engineering)
May 15

Dr. Victor Morell
Eugene S. Wiener Chair in Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery (Medicine)
May 17

Dr. Thomas Gleason
UPMC Pellegrini Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery (Medicine) 
May 22

Dr. Thanos Tzounopoulos
Endowed Chair in Auditory Physiology (Medicine)
May 31

Dr. Prabir Ray
Chair in Lung Immunology (Medicine)
June 6

Dr. Arjun Pennathur
Sampson Family Endowed Chair in Thoracic Surgery (Medicine)
June 20

Dr. William Klunk Levidow
Pittsburgh Foundation Chair in Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Disorders (Medicine)
June 27