Committee on Pitt's Presentation on the World Wide Web
Tuesday, November 18, 1997
11:00 - 1:00
Babcock Room, 40th Floor Cathedral

I hope you can attend this meeting. If you cannot come and have not already notified Paula, please notify her by e-mail or by phone (624-0790). Notes describing our last meeting are attached.


Please note: this meeting will be held in the Babcock Room on the 40th floor of the Cathedral of Learning. Take the Cathedral elevator to the 36th floor and then take the service elevator around the corner to your right. Feel free to bring a bag lunch. Cookies and beverages will be provided.

Because we have decided to meet only two (or three) times a year, this is a full agenda which I hope we can cover. However, if you have other issues you believe we should discuss let me know and I will try to squeeze them in.

1. Reaction to New Design of University Homepage and Top Level Pages
What has been the reaction to the new design? Comments and e-mails indicate that the newly designed pages have been very well received. Two thoughtful e-mails are attached. Do Committee members have additional information?

2. Updated Version of Procedures Statement
The committee first approved its procedures statement under the old design. The new TLP and homepage design make the procedures unwieldy in some regards. For instance, reviewing all of the pages linked from the University homepage would now be an incredibly onerous task, given the sites linked at the bottom of that page. I attach a draft of a revised version of the procedures. Changes are marked in italics (excepting the change in the committee’s name, which is not so noted). Please review these carefully before the meeting and come with your comments or suggestions.

3. Review of TLPs  
a. Schools, regional campuses, and academic centers have received memos from the Office of the Provost in response to our charge to review pages linked from top level pages (the Campuses, Schools, and Centers page, in this case). The template used to structure the reviews is attached.

b.We need to form our review teams to review again the TLPs. These teams should meet and submit a written summary for distribution to all committee members in January so we can include a discussion of the reviews at our February meeting.

c. As we begin to think about this review work, we should discuss the question of Web site evaluation in general. How would we best evaluate the structure and design (its usefulness, its appropriateness) of the University Web site? To what end? Do users find our pages useful and easy to use? Do all potential users find our site? What do we want to know, and how can we find out? General statistics about access to the University top level pages on the CIS servers are attached. While these figures are interesting, their usefulness is limited.

4. Review of "Place To Discover"/ "Welcome to Pitt" Site
University Relations has been revising their site. Since they are suggesting that their revised "Place to Discover" substitute for the "Welcome to Pitt" Top Level Page (TLP), thus eliminating one level of links, this page should be reviewed by the committee before we link to it. I will send you the site address by e-mail. Please review it before the meeting.

5. Webmaster Distribution List
As per the committee’s suggestion, a distribution list of University "webmasters" has been created. This list is in the draft stages and includes email contacts for those pages linked from the TLPs. Would committee members like to be part of the list? How can we best articulate the purpose and role of the list? We are currently imagining it as a locus for feedback and discussion among people invested in key University Web pages.

6. Recommendations on Increasing the Numbers of Faculty Creating Homepages
Does the committee want to formally encourage creation of homepages among faculty? How could information about creating pages be best distributed to faculty? Once faculty pages are created, how can we make them readily accessible by students? Possibilities include links in the Schedule of Classes and links in the on-line directory.

7. Committee Web Page
Please review the committee’s Web page ( and bring comments and suggestions to the meeting. Note the committee’s name has been amended to more accurately reflect the focus of our work (from "Presentation on the Internet" to "Presentation on the World Wide Web") and the committee’s Web page has been updated. Comments can also be submitted via email from the page.

8. CIS Update
Marian Dougan will report on CIS projects related to the University’s presentation on the Web. Please see attached memo from Tim Kauffman regarding the Search Engine.

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