Committee on Pitt's Presentation on the Internet
Wednesday, June 4, 1997
11:00 - 1:00
817 Cathedral of Learning

I. Dissemination of Procedures and Results of Review of Structure of Top Level Pages
We distributed the approved procedures to the Provost, the chairs of ECAC, the Senate Usage Committee, and the Software and Networked Information Working Group. We wrote or are writing to each administrator who has been assigned responsibility for a TLP and transmitting to them the procedures and the committee's comments on their pages. Copies of these letters will be distributed at the meeting. The boiler plate version of the letter is attached to this agenda.

II. Review of Redesign of TLPs
The TLPs have been redesigned by CIS in consultation with others. Tim Kauffman has worked particularly hard on this. The links on each TLP are unchanged, but the page has been redesigned to meet the criticisms of the committee. Marian Dougan and Tim Kauffman will present these new TLPs projected on a screen.

III. Selling Tickets Via the Web
Marian Dougan and Joe Phillips will describe how Athletics is planning to sell tickets via the Web.

IV. Technology Management
The Office of Technology Management has asked that their home page be linked to the Libraries, Research and Computing TLP. Their address is

V. Advertising on the Web
The Pitt News would like to place advertisements on the Web. Should this be permitted? If it should be permitted, do any controls need to be in place? Who gets the funds earned by advertising?

VI. Status of CIS Service Enhancements
Marian Dougan will report on new initiatives or progress on previously reported initiatives.

VII. New Business
Committee members are urged to present issues or questions for discussion or resolution by the committee.

cc: Joe Phillips

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