Committee on Pitt's Presentation on the Internet
Thursday, January 30, 1997
9:00 - 11:00
826 Cathedral of Learning

I. Internet Committee Procedures
I would like to reach closure on this set of procedures at this meeting. Thus if you are unable to attend, please send me any comments in advance. I attach the report which the subcommittee consisting of Mary Lou Soffa and Irene Frieze prepared. The committee members do not necessarily agree with all points on the document but do agree that the document is appropriate for discussion by the committee.

I also ask you to test out the procedures by applying them to the top level page to which you were assigned. Does your page and its links include the date they were last reviewed, and the name and e-mail address of the writer or responsible party? Is the material on its direct links current and in accordance with the title of the linkage from the TLP, and does it include or attempt to include a range of appropriate material?

II. Review of Structure of Top Level Pages
Because we need to look more closely at the organization of our top-level pages before considering a complete revision and redesign, we agreed at our meeting on November 26 to divide up into small groups each of which would focus on one page. Each group was to examine its top level page and its linkages and come with ideas to improve the page. I attach reports I have received from the groups assigned to the following top level pages, and attach them for your consideration: Welcome to the Pitt Community; Calendars, News and Publications; Campuses, Schools, and Academic Centers; Libraries, Research and Computing. At the meeting we will discuss these reports and others which are submitted. During the discussion we may also return to the question of organization of the University of Pittsburgh Home Page.

III. Status of CIS Service Enhancements
Marian Dougan will report on any new initiatives or progress on previously reported initiatives:

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