Committee on Pitt's Presentation on the Internet
Thursday, February 20, 1997
9:00 am - 11:00 am
817 Cathedral of Learning

I. Internet Committee Procedures
After the last meeting two suggestions about changes to the procedures were suggested. These are: responsibility to respond in a timely fashion to e-mail received via the home page and whether paid advertisements are permitted on a home page. It was also suggested that Section C be combined with A. I would like to discuss these and make any changes to the procedures.

II. Review of Structure of Top Level Pages
At the last meeting we reviewed the committee reports on the first three TLPs; i.e. through Student and Admission Information. We will continue the discussion starting with Campuses School and Academic Centers. I attach the committee report for Student and Admission Information which was distributed at the last meeting, in case you were not in attendance. I also attach the report on "For Faculty and Staff." The other reports were circulated with the agenda of the meeting on January 30. If you need a copy, please contact Paula.

III. Redesign of TLPs
John Cooper, in consultation with Bill Johnson and Tim Kaufman, has been preparing suggestions for redesigning the TLPs. He will present his preliminary version for input and discussion. The new design should lead us to rethink how to present information on each TLP.

IV. Status of CIS Service Enhancements
Marian Dougan will report on any new initiatives or progress on previously reported initiatives.

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