Committee on Pitt's Presentation on the Internet
Thursday, August 21, 1997
1:00 - 3:00
826 Cathedral of Learning

I. Review of Redesign of TLPs
The redesign of the TLPs has been carried out by Tim Kauffman in consultation with Kit Ayars and members of the staff of University Relations, following the suggestions committee members made at the June meeting., and with input from Elizabeth Baranger and Marian Dougan Please review these revised pages at We will discuss each page in turn as they are projected on a screen. As we decided at the June meeting, these pages should go live by the first day of class. We want to address any serious objections before then, but Committee members should remember that the new pages are easy to change, both the graphics and the links, and we expect to improve them continuously.

II. Report on Responses to Committee's Review of Pages Linked to TLPs
In June, the results of the Committee's review of pages linked to TLPs was sent to units. Some units were sent substantive suggestions for improvement of their home pages. We will present a report of the progress units are making in responding to these suggestions and the timetable for implementation of these changes.

III. Plans for Future Meetings of Committee
How many times a year should the committee meet? What should be its major concerns this year? When should the next review of pages linked to TLPs be conducted? While the Provost appoints the committee, he would welcome advice on whether the committee is of the correct size and includes all relevant constituencies. To assist you in consideration of these issues I repeat the statement the Provost included in his appointment letters.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but have comments on this, please send them to me.

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