March 16, 1998

Dear Members of the Web Committee,

I hope you can attend our next meeting. If you cannot come and have not already notified Paula, please notify her by email ( or by phone (624-0790).

I attach [hard copy mailing only] the annual reviews submitted by committee members for the following top-level pages:

Those of you who have not submitted reviews should get them to me by Thursday, March 19, for distribution with the agenda. Reviews can be emailed to Kit Ayars at

I do not intend to discuss these reviews in depth at our meeting, so please read them closely in advance. We will discuss the suggestions made for changes in the top-level pages, as well as general issues which arise from the reviews. The comments about homepages linked from the TLPs will be sent to the responsible units; please come prepared with any additions or differences of opinion to the comments contained in the reviews so that we can send a complete set of recommendations to the units.

I also attach statistics for University top-level pages for the past four months. Statistics for the new search engine are not available for February, but March statistics will be available (the Search statistics are on the last page of this attachment). [Note: These stats are available in hard copy only and will be available in your campus mailing.]

Below please find Web addresses for two sites that may be of interest to you in noting the kinds of questions or issues other institutions consider in making design decisions about their sites:

Elizabeth Baranger, Chair