Office of the Provost


November 12, 2004

Dr. Alan Lesgold
Dean, School of Education, and
Chair, ad hoc Committee on Tobacco Settlement Issues for Academic Freedom
5T01 Posvar Hall

Dear Alan:

Thank you for the revised final report of the ad hoc committee on tobacco settlement issues for academic freedom. I very much appreciate the committee’s careful consideration of the academic freedom issues involved and its thoughtful recommendations for procedures that might be implemented to help the University support the work of its faculty.

As I noted in my memorandum accepting the ad hoc Committee on Academic Freedom’s initial report, I viewed the work of your committee on the tobacco settlement issues to be a means to assess the effectiveness of the advisory group structure recommended by the more general committee.

I am pleased to accept the recommendations outlined within the Committee on Academic Freedom’s Statement on Academic Freedom and to endorse the recommendations of your ad hoc committee on academic freedom issues related to tobacco settlement funding.


James V. Maher

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