Office of the Provost


TO:          Provost's Area Deans and Regional Campus Presidents

FROM:      James V. Maher

DATE:       July 30, 2009

RE:           Faculty Recruitment Requests, Rosters, and Position Numbers

I look forward to receiving your requests for the recruitment of faculty for FY10.  Consistent with the attached AProcedures for Faculty Recruitment,@ after you receive your annual budget target letter and prior to October 15, you are to submit a detailed and comprehensive faculty recruitment proposal describing all searches for full-time faculty (see attached "Procedures for Faculty Recruitment," Section 1, paragraph 2) that you intend to conduct for appointments beginning in September of the following year (i.e., the proposal submitted between August 1 and October 15, 2009 is to list searches that are expected to result in appointments beginning in September 2010).  Please also include a brief status report on the number of faculty hired from searches previously requested, as well as faculty members who have retired or left the University over the past academic year.

Recruitment requests must be accompanied by an updated faculty roster with position numbers.  Supplemental recruitment requests submitted at any time throughout the year should also be accompanied by updated faculty rosters.  If you are not submitting a request for faculty recruitment at this time, please submit a faculty status report, noted above, accompanied by a current faculty roster.



Provost's Senior Staff
Shannon Hukriede


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