The Pitt Interprofessional Center for Health Careers (PIC Health Careers) assists students as they explore majors, course selection, long range planning, and successful application to both the health professions committee and to medical, dental, optometry, podiatry, and veterinary schools. Professional schools evaluate candidates holistically, expecting a strong academic commitment as well as evidence of an understanding of the chosen medical field. PIC Health Careers assesses goals and then recommends academic and experiential opportunities that mesh with student interests.  

A variety of programming is offered through the PIC Health Careers office. Students are invited to begin their careers with overview sessions exposing them to medically related opportunities available at the University of Pittsburgh. Topics include research, leadership, volunteer, summer fellowships, and study abroad opportunities. Students network during the “panels of professionals” sessions, during which members of the various medical professions candidly present their path to the medical profession, the qualifications needed to enter the profession, and a realistic glimpse into the life of a professional. Undergraduate students also are encouraged to participate in the “med sibs” programs offered by the medical and dental student associations whereby they are matched with a graduate student and mentored throughout their undergraduate career. 

As students progress through their careers, the advising relationship involves a candid evaluation of credentials and then honing the career plan toward application to a medical profession. Our office works individually with sophomore, junior, and senior students as they prepare a dossier for the pre-health professions committee, make application, and choose schools.

How to Access Advisors

Pitt undergraduates have been very successful applicants to health professions schools. We want to continue to prepare our undergraduates to be very competitive applicants by requiring overview programming and offering more access to advising:

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Please schedule an appointment using the Online Appointment Scheduler.

  • If your last name falls between A and M, you will schedule with Angela Illig:
    Ruskin Trailer (between Music Building and Ruskin Hall)
  • If your last name falls between N and Z, you will schedule with Andrea Abt:
    Ruskin Trailer (between Music Building and Ruskin Hall)