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II. Faculty Policies


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Appointment and Tenure: The University of Pittsburgh Bylaws, Chapter II

      The Faculty
        Article I. Membership
        Article II. Academic Tenure: Purposes and Obligations
        Article III. General Policies of Appointment and Tenure
        Article IV. Full-Time Tenured or Tenure-Stream Faculty
        Article V. Part-Time Tenured or Tenure-Stream Faculty
        Article VI. Full- and Part-Time Non-Tenure-Stream Faculty
      Faculty Librarians
        Librarians I
        Librarians II
        Librarians III
        Librarians IV
        Librarians V
      Policy on Transfer of Faculty from Tenure-Stream Appointments to Appointments Outside the Tenure Stream
      Type A -- Temporary Transfer Out of the Tenure Stream
      Type B -- Permanent Transfer Out of the Tenure Stream
      Graduate Faculty
      Qualifications for Membership in the Graduate Faculty
      Procedure for Nomination
    Appointment to the Graduate Faculty
      Distinguished Professorships
      General Criteria and Definitions:
  University Professor
  Distinguished Professor
  Distinguished Service Professor
  Endowed Chair
      Chancellor's Distinguished Awards
      Joint Appointments
      Length of Appointments
      Policy for Reduction in Length of Faculty Contracts
      Summer Term and Session Appointments
      Promotion and Tenure Reviews
      Faculty Reviews and Appeals Principles and Procedures
      Faculty Grievances
      Policies Concerning Retired Faculty
      University Responsibilities
      Faculty Responsibilities
      Permanent Reduction of Employment
      Planning for Retirement
      Policy on Emeritus/Emerita Status
      Procedure for Emeritus/Emerita Status
      Emeritus/Emerita Recognition
      Extending Offers/Resignation
      Access to Employee Personnel Files
      Advanced Degrees
      Affirmative Action
      Accommodation of Individuals with Disabilities
      Employment of Relatives (Nepotism)
      ID Center
      Immigration Requirements for Work Authorization
      Leaves of Absence
      Sabbatical Leave
      Faculty Leave for Professional Enhancement
      Unpaid Leave of Absence
      Faculty Medical and Family Leave Policy
        Medical Leave
        Family Leave
        Medical, Life, and Disability Insurance Premiums
        Tenure Track Considerations
      University Holidays

Service and Outreach

      Consulting and Outside Professional Service
      Professional Service Within the University
      University Personnel and Public Office

Campus Workplace

  Defense and Indemnification of Faculty and Staff-
      Role of University Attorneys vis-a-vis Individual Employees in Fact-Finding -Investigations
      Anti-Harassment Policy Statement
      Sexual Harassment
      Use of University Titles and Name
      Personal Use of University Resources and Services
      Computer Resources - Access and Use
      Travel and Business Expenses
      Moving Household Goods Relocation
      University Policy on Alcohol
      Drug-Free Workplace
      Smoking Policy
      Policy on Extreme Weather Conditions
        Students/Class Announcements
        All Employees
        Essential Personnel
      Environmental Health and Safety
      Institutional Biosafety Committee
      Radiation Safety
      Guidelines for Visitors to Labs and Shops

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