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We have compiled this list of new faculty’s most frequently asked questions as a convenient starting place rather than a comprehensive list. Information about the items below can be found throughout the University of Pittsburgh’s Resources for New Faculty site. Many questions are also addressed in the Faculty Handbook and through the Provost’s Office Faculty Affairs site.

New faculty with questions about the nitty-gritty aspects of acclimating to their positions at the University may be particularly interested in the Getting Started links at the bottom of this page.

Please let us know if you have questions that are not answered in this list or through links on the other pages of this site.

v      How are faculty evaluations handled?  

v       What criteria are used for tenure and promotion decisions?

v       How are differences between a faculty member and his/her supervisor, department chair, or dean resolved?

v       What is included in the University’s benefits package for employees?

v       What is the University’s medical and parental leave for faculty?

v       Is there a policy on faculty/student relationships?

v       How are sexual harassment complaints handled?

v       Does the University support part-time faculty?

v       How do I order textbooks?

v       How do I gain copyright permission for course packets?

v       How do I order instructional media services and equipment?

v       Is there training available in how to use CourseWeb/Blackboard, the course management system for putting my class materials online?

v       How do I order teaching evaluations for my class?

v       What do I do if I need a different location for my classroom?

v       When does the next term begin? When is the University closed?

v       Does the University close for severe weather?

v     What’s the process for getting a University ID card?

v     How can I set up a computer account?

v       How do I find phone numbers and email addresses for other people at the University?

Getting Started

            How do I. . .

v       Get a computer account?

v       Get an ID card?

v       Take the bus to campus?

v       Find parking?

v       Find my department’s building?

v       Know what’s covered in my benefits package?

v       Get my paycheck?

v       Find out when classes meet?

v       Find out when the term begins or ends?

v       Order textbooks?

v       Put together course packets?

v       Use library services effectively?

v       Use library services effectively as a faculty member in the schools of the health sciences?

v       Use library services effectively as a faculty member in the School of Law?

v       Use CourseWeb for my classes?

v       Access the faculty portal?

v       Use Information Technology?


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