Office of the Provost

Academic and Research Visitors on Campus


Visiting scientists, scholars and researchers may come to the University campus from industry, from other academic institutions (both domestic and international), or from the public sector to participate in collaborative research or training activities. These visitors to the University enrich the campus environment and provide unique skills and perspectives. Visitors typically are paid by their sending institution while they are resident at the University. While the University welcomes such visitors, there are certain requirements that need to be met before such visitors may be granted access to the University resources.

  1. Purpose of Visit. The appropriate approval process for visiting status depends upon the purpose of the activities on campus.

    1. Speaking Engagement. A visit to campus solely for a speaking engagement may require completion of speaker agreement forms. These forms are currently under review and will be posted as soon as they are available.
    2. Brief Escorted Visit. In the case of a short, escorted visit to campus, no agreement may be required, but compliance with other University policies on clearing foreign national visitors and laboratory safety requirements need to be followed, for example: Guidelines for Lab Visitors, Protected Health Information, and Export Control Compliance.
    3. Research

      1. Pitt project. A visit to participate in (1) laboratory based research activities or (2) research activities involving the use of University intellectual property may require completion of a Full Visitor Agreement.
      2. Other research. A visit for other types of on-campus collaborative research, scholarship or training may require completion of a Collaborative Visitor Agreement.

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